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February 04 2018


I feel like at this point Carrie Fisher has ascended past just being a revered figure and has kinda passed into myth/goddess level. I don’t just mean people building personal memorials or shrines to her. I mean that there is a genuine, dedicated group of people living their lives in honor of her and who she was and her values, giving thanks to her, asking her for guidance and protection. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia are not just cultural symbols or inspirations, but as one entity they are seen to watch over and safeguard her ‘followers.’ There are things these followers do in her honor: endeavoring to become more confident and kind, following her footsteps by raising awareness about mental health, speaking out on behalf of minorities and the undervalued. They do these things because these are things Carrie did and entreated others to do. This, essentially, fulfills the classic definition of a religious organization.

Congratulations, Carrie. You’re a goddess in our eyes.


somebodys gonna take the “socializing in a friendly manner with the FBI agent monitoring me” too literally and make a whole rant about how it’s actually really horrible that we’re humanizing and undemonize the fbi and it’s creepy big brother schtick and half of the website is gonna feel guilty and embarrassed for laughing at this joke and will avoid posts that even mention the fbi and the other half are gonna send death threats to the op of the original post and they’re gonna get driven off of tumblr saying some shit like “I’ve realized how toxic and unwelcoming this website is I need some time for myself” and then months later somebody’s gonna point out how it was a coping mechanism form of humor because we literally can do nothing about the fbi monitoring us and then everyone will feel stupid no matter what side they took and we’ll all silently agree to never bring it up again until five years from now in one of those “memes from 2018” posts




“Oops, dropped your coat!” You cheerfully pick up the soft fur coat off the floor and carefully drape it back over the person’s chair. They stare at you with wide, stunned eyes. They’re remarkably attractive. You awkwardly wave at them and go sit down at your table.

They’re a selkie, you “gave” them back their coat, you now have a gorgeous and besotted selkie spouse. Hey, they don’t make the rules.

The next day, the attractive person you met shyly approaches you and gives you a little box with a ring inside. You blush, a little confused, and stare at them.

“I… Isn’t this… An engagement ring?”

“Well… We… We should get married by human customs as well.”

“… What?


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i can’t believe megamind destroyed mvrvel 7 years ago

i’m so glad we’re not sleeping on how brilliant this movie is anymore

February 02 2018






i was 14 and i was walking through a mall by myself at 12am after my shift at coldstone creamery lol and a bunch of men started whistling and meowing and getting really close to me and they kept asking me questions and i kept not answering until i didn’t know what else to do so i said “i’m only 14” and almost in unison they said “we don’t care” i was so fucking scared i didn’t know what to do and they kept talking about how i looked and how my body looked and what they would do i was on the verge of tears i was all alone in a huge mall i knew i couldn’t outrun them all i felt totally hopeless until a maintenance worker came up to all of us with a huge industrial broom in her hand, i thought she was going to yell at all of us for being in the mall after hours bc she probably thought we were all friends but instead she cursed all of them out in spanish, threatened to press a panic button on her belt and then proceeded to walk me to the basement garage and waited with me until my mom got there to pick me up she had a death grip on her cart the whole time and a face of steel she looked so strong and i just kept saying thank you and she kept saying not to thank her because she had to stop them.

that was the moment i realized women were the most important beings on this planet and we have to protect each other bc nobody else is going to, she didn’t even know me, we couldn’t even communicate that well because of the language barrier, she could have lost her job for waiting with me in the parking lot but she looked out for me when she didn’t have to, she had nothing to gain from it, i’m 21 now and i tell everyone this story even though it happened 7 years ago, what she did that night helped me form and shape lot of my beliefs early on. 

i was at a grocery store really late one night and some old guy kind of eyed me as i walked out of the store next to this other lady. She and I made eye contact and i knew she was scared too. we loaded up our groceries into our cars as fast as possible and I had way more bags than her so she got done faster than me. I panicked because i was sure she was going to leave so i just hurried faster, shaking a little, and then i noticed she sat in her car, watching me and making sure nobody came near. She waited not until all my groceries were loaded, or until my cart was put away, or until I got into my car. No, she didn’t drive away until I drove away. 

And that was the moment that I realized how much women need other women. That we can’t win this war without each other and we have to be looking out for each other, every second. 

my last year in new york city, i got off the subway around 9 or 10p.m. i only lived about 5 blocks from the f train, but i hadn’t gotten more than two before a woman’s hand suddenly touched my arm. 

“that guy behind us is following you,” she said. “he was watching you leave the train car and followed you up.”

i hadn’t noticed him, or at least not noticed him following me. when we stopped outside a grocery store, he stopped half a block back and loitered. the woman linked her arm with mine and walked me several blocks out of her way to my front door and made sure i got inside safely.

another time, nocigar and i were walking home and at a stoplight a stranger grabbed my arm when i wouldn’t respond to him and tried to physically drag me over to him. she—who is, by the way, not a very physically imposing girl—ripped his hand off my arm and snarled, “don’t fucking touch her.”

protect your friends. protect strangers. there are good men in the world, but don’t wait for them to do something if you can do it yourself.

I was at a club once and my friend left with her boyfriend so I finished my drink and was heading out to the parking lot when three girls came up to me and basically surrounded me. 

“Those guys behind us were talking about following you. We can walk with you.” 

I have MMA training but have never in my life had been offered the protection and sanction of my own gender. This is so important. 


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A fine young lad in the out of doors.


My Friends and Family: Will you be having a traditional wedding ceremony and reception?


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JK Rowling only said Dumbledore was gay because there weren’t any risks, the books were finished. Now she’s decided they aren’t, there are risks again and she’s chosen the same spineless path she’s used to. She is no LGBTQ ally.

I don’t know about all of you, but this is the last straw for me. I love and will continue to love Harry Potter and drarry, but J.K. Rowling is not a person I support anymore. At all. 

There’s a French philosophy called la mort de l'auteur - death of the author. You can read the very lengthy Wikipedia article on this, but the basis is that every work has the ability to be received and interpreted in a million different ways, and so to interpret the text based on the author’s life and intentions would impose a limit on the text. I’ve seen it used more recently as a way of reconciling with a work that you love going in a direction that you think is awful (see: The Cursed Child), and instead deciding that your personal canon is the correct canon. I’ve always believed that J.K.’s characters got away from her, somehow twisted themselves into new beings, using her as a vessel to tell their own stories. How else could we have seen our Draco Malfoy, so deserving of a redemption arc, put down on by the one who wrote him this way?

I find the best example of this in fandom Pansy. Lovely, snarky but so big-hearted, which is not necessarily how she is in the books - but is how she has grown to be in our fandom, so much so that any Pansy that is legitimately cruel in a fic throws me off. J.K. Rowling’s version of Pansy was awful and unfair - we have taken her back. As we will take everything back.

She owns the trademark, their names. That’s all. She does not own them in our minds and our hearts. Harry Potter is bi. Sirius Black is pan, Lupin is gay, Draco Malfoy is gay af, Parvati and Lavender are in love, Albus and Scorpius are meant to be together, and Dumbledore is gay. Not because J.K. said, sometime ago halfheartedly in a tweet - but because we decide. 

Kill the author. 

@staganddragon - I would love to hear your thoughts on this, if any

Godddd thank you for tagging me in this.

The last time I spoke up about why I did not like JKR, I was told I was “triggered” and got called an SJW, which for some reason people thought… was an insult? Ok. Someone even had the audacity to say that the only reason there were no LGBTQ+ people in the ENTIRE Harry Potter series was because it was illegal for her to write LGBTQ+ characters at the time HP was being released. This was on a post from @0urbrainsaresickbutthats0k, and I couldn’t find the original post, but if anyone knows what I’m talking about and can find it feel free to… link it… thanks. My point here is that if you were one of those responders in that post, LOOK AT THIS AND THINK AGAIN, OH MY GOD. JKR is beyond problematic. Problematic is a very light word for this, because she’s taken queerbaiting to an incomprehensible level and still has maintained a huge following because she labels her rich white feminism as being “woke” and therefore doesn’t feel the need to address the issues within the very universe she fucking created. She is a perpetrator for the erasure of LGBTQ+ representation. You literally can not deny it anymore. Try me.

I really don’t know what else to add to this, and I wish I could eloquently put together some thought out anecdote about why this is a problem. I wish I could say I’m surprised. I wish I could say I was not expecting this to happen. I wish I could say this was totally out of the blue for JKR to pull shit like this, but honestly? Take a look at her track record. The only evidence of an LGBTQ+ character existing in Harry Potter canonically is Dumbledore. And look what she did with him.

I am leaving JKR behind (as if I hadn’t already?) in 2017. She may have the rights to the series, but this is OUR fandom and she cannot touch us here. Fuck this. Fuck this. It’s 2018 and she continues to pull this shit. Fuck this. She does not deserve the praise she receives.

Insult me all you want, but this is who JKR is. She is not a saint. She’s not.

Apologies if this doesn’t make sense, because I just randomly woke up and am falling back asleep… might have more thoughts on this in the morning. Anyways. That’s all, peace out, xoxo, etc.

I was gonna say a big long thing about these, but I will let them speak for themselves. I’m sooo unnerved by the sheer number of people who are trying to justify this.

Us: hey, JKR should maaaAAyYybe represent marginalized communities more in the HP franchise because we have little to no representation and she has a huge platform so she’d be a valuable ally it would be nice to… have some support

Y’all: potterheads are a bunch of entitled pissbabies

“That’s why fanfiction exists” Really? Really? The ONLY time I deserve to see myself represented in this franchise is when I’M the one creating that representation? I am not asking for some off the wall, big Epic Gay Love Story. We simply want to see ourselves represented. Just because “JKR created this universe so she shouldn’t owe anything to us” doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be called out for her ignorance.

Ok I’m done talking abt this now I hope you all have a swell morning

So the thing is that there are a few ways to defend Rowling on this, and none of them really hold any water.

  • “maybe it’ll be shown in the other films!”
    OK, but… why? It’s already been established by Rowling herself that Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald before the events of the Fantastic Beasts films, so why would it not be relevant here? There is literally no narrative reason for it. Even if Dumbledore is hiding his sexuality, or is ashamed of his feelings for a man who is clearly an evil psychopath, you can’t just turn that off. It would affect his decision-making with regard to Grindelwald. Hell, even just having one scene in which Dumbledore looks wistfully at an old photograph of the man he loved before he turned into a doughy wizard Nazi would be nice. Maybe Rowling will show their relationship in the other films. I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. Still doesn’t excuse it not being shown in this one.
  • “it’s not her decision, they’re not her films!”
    She writes the screenplays and even if she didn’t, she has control over all these decisions as the copyright holder and producer of the films. Next.
  • “it’s a kids’ film!”
    Yep, and yet there have been other romantic subplots in all the films so far, including the original Harry Potter canon. Not a great message to send that a hetero romance is kid friendly but a queer one isn’t.
  • “she’s said he’s gay, isn’t that enough?”
    I mean, no. You don’t get to collect all the kudos for having a gay character if you avoid every single opportunity to show that they’re gay. And again, I have to stress here that she wouldn’t even have to shoe horn it in. She has said that Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald. The plot of this film involves the two of them. It makes more sense to mention Dumbledore’s sexuality than not to. That’s just paying lip service to the community in order to placate your LGBT+ fans without doing any of the work to show that you support them. The same goes for her history of rebutting criticisms of her white-centric world by saying “no, there were definitely students of colour at Hogwarts!” without actually writing any beyond 2 or 3 token characters, and her claiming black Hermione as her own canon (rather than one that was developed by fans and she piggy-backed on) by saying “I never said she was white!” - well, no, but you didn’t exactly say that she wasn’t. Representation is not representation if it’s not, you know, represented.

JK Rowling has influenced so many people’s lives, and it makes total sense that people want to support her no matter what. However, if we ignore the valid criticisms that people have of her, it doesn’t help anyone. Calling her out for her inconsistencies is not hating on her.

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February 01 2018

AU where...





Aang died with the air nomads.

The next two Avatars, from water and earth, live without ever knowing who they are.

Zuko still spoke out at the meeting, he still refused to fight his father in the Agni Kai.

Zuko was banished, and in his search to find the Avatar, earth bends.

He is the Avatar and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Okay but consider:

Zuko, punching the air: “I MUST FIND THE AVATAR!”

*rock goes flying*

Zuko, waving his arms for emphasis: “IT IS THE ONLY WAY”

*strong wind knocks over grunt in the background*

Zuko, stomping dramatically: “TO RESTORE MY HONOR!”

*deck behind zuko becomes covered in ice*

Iroh, stroking his beard: “…. hmmmmmm…”

And Iroh just decides to mess with him and just goes “Well, I suppose we should start searching” and Zuko doesn’t find out until later in the episode

THIS is the version of the story I want to read!

Normal Horoscope:


Aries: In a crisis you dont rise to the occasion, you sink to your level of training plus a little extra from fear and adrenaline.

Taurus: Give flesh to your will. Specifically roast beef. Sandwiches dont make themselves.

Gemini: Invent that new sport youve always wanted to invent. Call the fire department first, youll need someone on hand.

Cancer: Semi-sentient growths caused by biological experiments are in vogue now consider pairing it with a nice dark fabric and minimal accessories. 

Leo: Beauty is rarely delicate. Your art is an enemy to be conquered. 

Virgo: All is revealed, flee to your jungle palace!

Libra: Why worry about skincare when you could be a massive obscure mound of cloth and discarded clothing with no discernible silhouette? Is your skin clear? who knows!

Scorpio: Today you will hear a baritone sax solo with no origin. You will get the sense that it is important. It is, but not to you. You will know when to mention it.

Ophiuchus: Oh you know the gourd.

Sagittarius: When home feels empty its time to exit the comfort zone. Just make sure you have the proper class of hazmat gear.

Capricorn: When you see the sodden corpse rise from the lake and ask for her umbrella back. Give her the umbrella. She wont reward you, its just polite.

Aquarius: You are reaching critical amounts of swing.

Pisces: Dont get on the train unless you know where its going. It may not actually be a train.

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At first I wanted to kill him. But now I’m glad I’ve spent the time to get to know him. Yeah, of course he looks delicious with his big red cheeks. But we’ve all got an agreement that we’re not going to eat Stu. Right? Right.

#this is even funnier considering that Stu irl was not even an actor and in fact an actual IT specialist who thought he was  #going out for a job  #and somehow they convinced him to be a part of this movie

Oh man, that’s the cherry on top.

Stu Rutherford created a new stroby light technology that Waititi used in Thor: Ragnarok! That gorgeous bit in Valkyrie’s backstory? He and his friend Carlo van de Roer designed that lighting.





Do you ever get bored on the internet and then grab your phone to see what the other, smaller internet is up to?

human: ha ha ha, silly cat, that door leads to the same outside as the door you just came in

human: *this post*


“their tongues battled for dominance–”

-dm voice- “i’m going to need both tongues to roll initiative”

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Im the parent putting doctor pepper in my kids bottle

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Favourite Disney Characters - Lady Adelaide Bonfamille


Fantasy RPG Races as Dogs








Half Orc:

This is the best description of the fantasy races I’ve ever seen. Let me add some more!








It’s ironic.

When I worked in fast food for minimum wage, they would yell at us and lecture us about “stealing” fries and burgers (while we had to throw out TONS of food every day) as though the giant billion-dollar corporations of McDonald’s and Sonic couldn’t afford to give their employees something to eat (while not even paying us a living wage).

Now I work at an upscale restaurant (it’s fancy, like celebrities eat there fairly often) and not only do I make WAY better money but they give us 2 free meals a day (eaten on the clock) and they’re GOOD. Today I got baked cod, spring rolls, rice pilaf, stir fry, and mashed potatoes and eggplant. Oh, and free espresso and juice. From this restaurant owned by a local man who is in no way a billionaire.

Obviously money is not the issue, valuing your employees as people is.

This needs all of the reblogs.  All of them.

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